The Glories of Digital Activism

I never knew how much went into digital literacy until now as I keep delving deeper into it, this week we were learning about digital activism and I had learned so much about it while reading about it. In some of the articles I read it was talking about six things that digital activists use and it functions well enough to help them get their point across. The six functions of digital activism are as follows: It helps shape public opinion, it proposes a call to actions all across the world or nation (whoever you are trying to reach), it also can protect the activists themselves, the activist can also share their call to actions if they wanted to such as using Facebook or Twitter to help their case, another function is taking action digitally such as using your facebook profile picture or changing the look of your social media sites in able to help support your call to action, and the last function I learned about was transfer resources such as money or proof etc. this was a great website to get the full look of how digital activism works. Through the other two articles I learned about how powerful voices can be on the internet to help support a cause or a call to action. The internet can be used as a more resourceful tool than a place where you go to bad mouth someone with the idea of not getting caught by someone.

Teenagers use this sort of activism to get their ideas across in hope to make a difference in the world, personally the only thing I’ve done is signed a petition from and every so often using the new frames on Facebook to go with my profile pictures I haven’t been making big steps forward in able to make these big glorious changes. I personally think some of the big key things we need to focus on as far as making a difference with digital activism is focusing on Trump using our taxes to build a wall that we don’t need (at least in my personal opinion), we can also put an end to shaming the LGBTQ community some people don’t know the fight we’ve had to go through in the past to get to where we are today and all that is going to shambles. I’m sorry if that may offend you readers in any way but it’s what I believe in. I guess some good questions I have about all of this is the fact why we didn’t talk about this sooner in the year? In closing what I found most interesting about this week’s module is that there is so many different ways to make a good difference and do it for the right reason and we should learn to do that better instead of using the internet to hurt, use it to save.


8 thoughts on “The Glories of Digital Activism

  1. No matter what the cause may be I feel like people need to be respectful towards one another when it comes to activism in general. I feel like all activists all have the same goal in making the world a better place. Its a shame that people spend so much time arguing rather than bouncing ideas off one another and collaborating with one another.


  2. I honestly did not think about digital activism until this module. This module helped me realize that maybe my social media account is more politically charge than I thought before, and that I could use my facebook and twitter for more than talking to family. I can take up certain causes, like helping child hunger in America, and make posts to help educate, donate, and share information and charity information.


  3. Being able to use social media for political and social causes is something I never though to do before. Now that I have, I realize that everything I like and share has meaning. If I want to help make my social media and world a better place I need to realize that I can make new posts, share kind videos, and share donation pages to help charities I support. Basically I agree that we shouldn’t use the internet to hurt.


  4. Digital activism is something I have never really looked into and this module made me realize its importance. It is cool that someone can use a simple social media account or do something as simple as making a website to make a difference!


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